Weekly Plan

Ms. Saladino’s Weekly Newsletter for 4A

Week of: February 13-17, 2012




Language Arts:

In Vocabulary this week, we will begin Unit 9 in our Vocabulary Workshop book.

In Reading, we’ll be continuing our novel, The Cricket in Times Square. There will be a quiz on Chapter 10 on Monday, February 13. This quiz will NOT be open book, so the girls must review over the weekend. I hope to read chapters 11 and 12 in class this week. We will have vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar activities with each of these chapters.

In Writing, we will be focusing on word choice, and improving our writing using descriptive words and phrases.

A book report for Black History month has been assigned. The girls were given a packet explaining what the project is and when it is due. Please read through the packet and return the parent signature slip.



We should be finishing up Unit 4 this week. I plan to test Unit 4 on Friday. The girls should be able to read, write, add, subtract, and compare decimal numbers.  It is possible that we will begin Unit 5 before the end of the week. This unit is titled Big Numbers, Estimation, and Computation.



This week, we’ll continue to work on preparing for the science fair. The following Science Fair items are due this week:

Monday—Worksheet 4  (they must plan out a detailed procedure for their experiment)

There will also be a lab journal check on Monday. The girls should have at least 6 written entries in their journals.

****Once I have checked procedures and spoken to each girl, they may begin their experiment. Please be sure to have at least 3 trials (some girls must have more), meaning the experiment should be repeated at least 3 times to be sure of accurate information.


Social Studies

This week we will review and test Chapter 3—Native American of Virginia. The test will be on Wednesday, February 15.