ABCs of 4A

The ABCs of Our Classroom

Please read and become familiar with the following information. 


If your child is absent for more then 2 days in a row, they must bring a written excuse with them upon their return to school.

Behavior Plan/Grade:

I use a card system to monitor behavior in class. Each girl starts the day on a green card. If she misbehaves, she would be given a warning. If the misbehavior continues after the warning, she might move her card to a yellow one. This would cause her to miss 5 minutes of the next recess. If the misbehavior continues after that, she’d move her card to red, miss 10 minutes of recess, and write a note home to parents. If the misbehavior continues beyond that, she’d move her card to pink. This would get her an official behavior referral to the office, and detention during recess.

I will keep track of card changes, and use them to come up with a weekly behavior grade for each class.


All textbooks must be covered.  If a book is returned damaged, students will be expected to pay for a new one.

Class Rules:

We will be working together this week to come up with a set of personalized class rules. However, I generally expect students to treat others with respect, and be careful with other people’s belongings. In addition, I expect students to work to the best of their ability and complete all assignments given. Once our specific rules are finalized, I’ll send them home to you.


You may schedule a conference at any time during the school year if you have any concerns.  All conferences must be scheduled through the Girls’ Elementary office.

Friday Folder: 

These folders will be sent home every Friday.  They will include students’ graded work, weekly plan, and memos/newsletters. 

Field Trips: 

Field trip permission slips will be sent home 2 weeks prior to the field trip.  All dates for the trips will be announced during the school year.


The Grading Scale is as follows…                                                       % Scale: 

  • 25% Homework                                                                    100%-90% = A

  • 25% Class Work I (Class work and Behavior)                      89%-80% = B

  • 25% Class Work II (Projects, Quizzes, Participation)        79%-70% = C

  • 25% Tests                                                                            69%-60% = D

              59%-0% = F


Completing assignments on time shows responsibility and maturity.  Therefore students are expected to complete ALL their assignments on time.  However if they miss an assignment the following actions will be taken: 

  • 1st day late:  10 Points Off

  • 2nd day late:  20 Points Off

  • 3rd day late:  30 Points Off

  • (assignments will not be accepted after the 3rd day)

  • Note: homework passes will be distributed as earned based on behavior. Please use wisely. 

IB: International Baccalaureate:

Although we are not officially part of the IB program at the elementary level, we are preparing to become so. With that in mind, we will be reflecting on the IB Learner Profile in our class. The Learner Profile states that IB learners strive to be:

  • inquirers

  • knowledgeable

  • thinkers

  • communicators

  • principled

  • open-minded

  • caring

  • risk-takers

  • balanced

  • reflective


Interim grade reports will be sent home halfway through each grading period.

Language Arts:

Language Arts will be taught every day. A more detailed schedule and explanation of how Language Arts time will be structured will be coming home before the end of the month.


This year, we will be piloting a new math program in 4th grade called Everyday Math. This program teaches math in a non-traditional way, which emphasizes students’ hands-on discovery of math


Please make sure that students wear their PE uniform that complies with ISA uniform policy on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Students will be responsible for maintaining a planner by filling out their homework daily and bringing it to class daily. 


Throughout the year, we will read 3-4 novels in class. However, your child should have a personal book to be reading on their own. Your child will be required to read at least 20 minutes each night, and keep a reading log that will be turned in weekly.


We will be working with a new science program this year. The emphasis will be on hands-on science. Science is taught 3 times per week.


Students are allowed to bring one snack per day.  Please be sure your child’s snack is a healthy one.

Spelling/Vocabulary Test:

There will be a spelling and vocabulary test every other week on Friday.  The spelling words will come directly from our Vocabulary Workbook.  Students will need to know how to spell, define, and apply the word in a sentence. In addition, we will do additional activities with vocabulary development in class.

Social Studies:

Social Studies is taught 2 times per week. Beginning in October, your child will be responsible for turning in a current events summary each week.


Please make sure that all supplies are labeled with your child’s full name.


Tardiness is a disruption to class and therefore parents must make sure that their child is on time to class. 


You will be informed when each test will be.  Please look for test dates on the weekly plan.     


Please make sure that your child is always dressed according to ISA uniform policy. 


I will set up and keep current a website giving you important information for our class.

Weekly Plan:

Every Friday your child will receive a weekly plan that is to be given to you.  This will let you know what we will be doing for the next week in our classroom.